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Welcome to Fey's Temperance!

If we had to say something about our values that is simple and right to the point-- it would be that we are a community that strives to be on the creative and informative end of FFXIV. We value creativity and productivity. We love content creation. Our origins started as a healer optimization discord, and then we embraced speedrunning optimization events, we eventually grew to host all sort type of events, mainly for charity or in-game competitive purposes such as world races or hell modes. It's hard to pin-point what we aim to be because we see no limits to what we can be. The community shapes us and drives our goals. What we wish to pursue will always be the foundation for our drive-- and that is to unify multiple creative communities and individuals. Empower knowledge, empower different communities, empower people's passion for FFXIV, and connect everyone.
If you had to describe us to anyone in one sentence, then the right description would be: Fey's Temperance is a hub for creativity and growth.

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