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i660 - GCD: 2.45

Progression Set week 1

Note on SCH Alternative set

You should find that Chain remains well aligned with your GCD so there is no issue there but Aetherflow will continuously drift back a bit every usage. Additionally since you're constantly clipping your DoT refresh by a small amount it's impossible to keep Aetherflow aligned with your DoT in order to keep it better on CD. Thus when coupled with the Dissipation first opener you'll find that Aetherflow slowly drifts out of buffs during each raid buff window. In situations with downtime or where raidbuffs are held this drift might not be relevant and the extra DH and slightly higher average DPS will be a gain. However, in other situations you might find that keeping Aetherflow aligned with raid buffs is better. We can't predict which set is going to be better right now.


what sould i meld

1. What is my melding priority and why is it in that order?

Melding priorities have a negligible effect on your DPS or healing because you are not aiming for stat tiers and perfect gains. That said, melding anything is better than nothing, so to make little gains in your DPS we recommend reading this entire FAQ.

The current default melding order is as follows:

Critical Hit >= Direct Hit = Determination

We want to prioritize Crit because it is the best scaling stat, the more the better. However, we also do not want to neglect other stats. So, overmelding Crit can sometimes be a detriment.


The reason why Crit is a priority for melding most of the time:

- The more you have of it the harder it hits. This is the only stats that is able to scale this way. This is called Crit damage bonus.

- You get a higher chance to Crit in general.

But because Crit is this strong, it is balanced by scaling slower than the other stats, and requires a lot of stat allocation to reach higher tiers. If you look here, you will notice that Crit needs 9-10 stat points to climb 0.1% in value, whereas Direct Hit gains 0.1% per 3-4 stat points, so you effectively get a higher chance of getting DH procs vs Crit with the same amount of points. The difference is, DH does not hit harder the more you stack of it, it will always be a x1.25 multiplier. This is why balancing Crit/DH tiers among other stats is important. We should not look at substats in a vacuum, instead we should look at their estimated total contribution and see how they multiply with each other. Let's take a quick example:


If we allocated all of our 1350 stat points in Crit with base DH/DET, we get an expected damage multiplier (eDMG) of 1.075, so then DH and Det are at 0 allocated stats, their eDMG is 1. The total stat multiplier is 1.075x1x1= 1.075.

If we allocate the 1350 stat points to 933 Det, and 807 DH with base Crit instead, we get 1.04x1.02925 and Crit's multiplier at 0 stat allocation is 1.02 so the total is

As shown above, stats gave higher return. These results can be boosted higher depending on the possible stat combinations etc.

One more thing to note is as the expansion starts, we get the least amount of stats in our gear, and as we get more gear we get more stats, this allows us to get more Crit and further improve the Crit multiplier. The current Crit multiplier is ~1.4-1.5, and it is not that far ahead of DH. This becomes a comparison where you can stack plenty of Crit with lower ilvl gear and get 15% Crit and x1.5 damage bonus, meanwhile you can exchange the same amount of points for a mix of DH and DET to get more value as shown in the example above. Crit starts to get better as we get more stats because of the damage bonus and the higher proc chance, raid buffs, food etc. So, why are healers still prioritizing Crit over DH early? Because our gear does not have DH, we need to meld it, so it is very difficult to stack only DH and ignore Crit completely. This doesn't mean it is impossible to ignore all Crit gear pieces, it is just very difficult to do. Instead, we try to bring Crit to a respectable tier then boost DH/Determination with melds as much as possible. We also can't ignore the fact that DH does not affect our healing whereas Crit can; this is important for progression.

You might wonder where Determination is in all of this?
Determination is slightly higher in the damage multiplier at the same allocated stat points as DH by roughly ~7.5%, so at 432 DH stat points, DH's expected damage is x1.00225, then Determination at 431 is 1.003!


OK so, why do we meld DH over DET then?

Healer gear doesn't have any DH specs as substats, the only way to attain DH is through melding. Usually, DET accumulates in high amounts naturally if the build favors pieces that has DET in it. And in order to increase our damage output, we need to balance the amount of DH and DET to gain the highest possible damage multiplier across all substats.

For example:

At 2.4 GCD,
CRT: 1825 = x1.11 multiplier,
DET: 1612 = x1.09 multiplier,
DH: 0 = x1 multiplier.


We get an expected damage multiplier of x1.11 x1.09 x1 (ignoring sps multiplier) = 1.2099

Now, let's shift some stat points from DET to DH:

At 2.4 GCD,
CRT: 1825 = x1.11 multiplier,
DET: 1340 = x1.07 multiplier,
DH: 672 = x1.0195 multiplier.


We get an expected damage multiplier of x1.11 x1.07 x1.095 (ignoring sps multiplier) = 1.2108

As seen, your total damage multiplier is increased from 1.2099 to 1.2108. The damage increase is very minor because we are assuming an average DH rate and not its maximum RNG potential. Either way melding DH > DET should not boost your DPS potential more than 1-2%. Having 1-2% DPS increase should not affect your ability to clear any Savage fight.

This basically summarizes the thought process behind our sets!

2. How can I calculate the damage difference between the sets?

Right now, you can calculate all healer gearsets using our discord bot. You can create your own gearset! Join us on discord to start using it!

3. What is a stat tier?

Stat tiers are the intervals at which the stat gains a noticeable difference in the multiplier or proc chance.

For example, at 1350 stat points, Crit is at 15% exactly. At 1360, it is at 15.1%. If you are at 1355, you roughly wasted 5 stat points. The idea is to keep the stat points in harmony with the exact stat tier, this way we can utilize the full number of stat points on other stats, so that wasted 5 stat points could've went to Determination or DH which could've push them to a better stat tier.

Where can I see the exact stat tiers? Here.

Credits: Allagan Studies - Furst

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