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Asphodelos: The Fourth Circle

Hesperos' Abilities
  • Elegant Evisceration

  • Setting the Scene

  • Pinax

  • Decollation

  • Bloodrake

  • Directional Shift

  • Hell Skewer

  • Belone Coils

  • Belone Bursts 

Hesperos' Quick Mechanics Rundown

Hesperos keeps tossing his cape around to reveal different mechanics thoughout the fight. He starts the fight by casting Setting the Scene. His cape drifts on a quarter of the arena and transforms it into an element. You can get 1 of 4 possible elements:

  1. Thunder

  2. Water

  3. Bio

  4. Fire



blue activated.png

He casts Pinex which will trigger the element to activate from the middle of the arena.


When the mechanic is triggered it will immediately cast a proximity AoE from the middle. So, the party needs to be pre-positioned far away from the center.



Green colored space is safe



When the water fountain appears and is then triggered by Pinex, it will cause a knockback effect from the center of the arena.


water activated.png

Green colored space is safe


This is a spread out mechanic when it is triggered.



This is a Stack mechanic when it is triggered.


Hesperos also does multiple role specific mechanics where each role needs to soak either meteor towers or aether-like balls. You basically need to soak towers and balls that do not have your role icon.



He will also do multiple jumps after casting a -Directional- Shift. He will jump to the cape or the sword that he placed in the direction he specified in the cast.

If it is a sword, you stand left or right of the sword. The sword will do a cone AoE.

If it is a cape, then be infront of it as the cape we do a knockback!


The remaining abilities are a mixture of normal tank busters and AoEs.


Healer Tips

During Setting the Scene mechanic, pay attention to the sequence of the platforms and their trigger timings. The one that does the most damage is always Thunder. People are usually not in position for it, so, use your heaviest mitigation there and prepare to recover.

You can mitigate an exploding tower mechanic if your party fails it.

Focus on doing mechanics first before you raise your party. Prioritize raising the SMN/RDM after raising your co-healer or at least 1 of the tanks.

Rescue in this fight is actually helpful!


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